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Conversations With A Caregiver
"Getting Ready to Care"

It's National Family Caregiver's Month!

I want to salute and give thanks to all caregivers!!
Please join me this upcoming week for
Conversations with a Caregiver a 5 - day Livestream Video Series.
This week's topic Is "Getting Ready to Care". 
I've been reflecting back over the years and there's a number of things that I wish I knew.  This series will introduce the topic of caregiving so you can have an idea and get some tools to help you begin to think about having "the talk" with your family about your family life plan.
Why Should I Join?
Get Some Insight On:


  • How to prepare to care now and in the future
  • How to introduce the topic to your family and have the conversation
  • What things should you think about if you haven't done so already
Who Is This For?


  • New, Existing & Future Caregivers
  • Only children or those who feel like one
  • Adult children
  • All Family Members
I hope to see you there!
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